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In addition to the development and production of exceptional packaging, we also offer a wide variety of additional services.
Do you need expert advice when choosing the material and shape of your packaging? Are you looking for comprehensive project management? Are you dependent upon professional supply chain services? REBHAN experts are happy to support you with advice and practical support at all times.


REBHAN Service



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Packaging consultation


Our experienced REBHAN packaging consultants would be happy to support you and answer your packaging questions. Together, they will devise the ideal solution to package your specific product. In the decision-making process, we incorporate your specifications regarding material properties, shapes, sustainability and, of course, budget. Our ultimate goal is to create the perfect packaging for your product! Our consultants work around the world and aim to:

  • Understand your ideas and requirements in great detail
  • Support you with well-founded, current market information
  • Share their know-how with you relating to the technical possibilities
  • Achieve your requirements with the available options
  • Select the most suitable materials and production technologies for your specific project
  • Provide prices, commercial provisions and conditions


Our consultation team has excellent knowledge of our extensive product and service portfolio and looks forward to helping you with your product packaging enquiries.



REBHAN Service



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Project management


REBHAN project management supports you to efficiently implement your projects. The focus is on the following points:

  • Agreement of the respective project scope with you
  • Provision of an optimised cost breakdown and schedule management
  • Monitoring of the human, technical and physical project resources
  • Expertise relating to technologies and market development as well as the corresponding project optimisation
  • Application of proven project management methods and tools
  • Assurance of structured real-time communication
  • Use of methods to minimise risks


In the project manage­ment field at REBHAN we use various online communication tools and state-of-the-art, digital project management systems to collaborate with you. We deliver your premium-quality products reliably within the agreed time frame and budget. At REBHAN we offer a smooth project process that you can rely on and which is risk-free.

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Packaging design


Our packaging designers are dedicated, innovative creatives who enjoy developing unusual designs for standard products and customised solutions. Their activities include:

  • Presentation of packaging ideas and options
  • Optimisation of packaging design in terms of producibility, costs and recycling of packaging components
  • Generation of CAD drawings
  • Validation of tool layouts
  • Creation or commissioning of physical prototypes (e.g. 3D printing)


REBHAN creative professionals transform your ideas into functioning designs.

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Once your project has been developed and your desired design has been defined, our team of tool experts will step in and help:

  • Select the optimum production technology
  • Define the details and configuration of the tool layout
  • Manage our tool suppliers
  • Qualify tools for production
  • Organise tool maintenance
  • Adjust and modify tools


The REBHAN tool team develops the optimum tool for your packaging design and to ensure production remains budget-friendly and punctual.

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Supply chain management


At REBHAN we offer ultra-modern, reliable supply chain management. Highly qualified experts using innovative technologies and SAP ERP ensure the following processes run with optimum efficiency:

  • Enquiry/capacity planning and forecasting
  • Order management
  • Material requirement planning (MRP)
  • Production planning system (PPS)
  • Inventory management
  • Global transportation management
  • Daily online supply chain meetings


Thanks to these processes we can offer a high-performance (OTIF, on-time in-full) flexible supply chain with low minimum order quantities (MOQ) and a highly flexible response to changes.

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Quality management


REBHAN’s modern management system ensures you enjoy a consistently high quality level. Our quality management system (QM) determines the targets according to ISO 9001:2015. Our quality assurance (QA) ensures our products meet the quality criteria defined by the QM.

The specific QA steps include:

  • Incoming quality control (IQC)
  • In process quality control (IPQC)
  • Outgoing quality control (OQC)


We also have a modern, well-equipped laboratory to support quality control. This is, of course, also available to you for the market launch of your new products with advanced testing and analysis possibilities. Thanks to our sophisticated quality management and quality assurance processes we can commit to fulfilling your requirements at all process levels.

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